4.5 KW Solar Power, Tokai

Rooftop Solar is please to complete the a 4.5KW solar power installation in Tokai just outside Cape Town today. We installed 18x250W JA Solar Panels that will produce an average of 26KW/Hours per day.



3.2 KW Solar Power Cape Town

Our team started the installation of 3.2KW of solar power (PV) in Constantia just outside of Cape Town today. 14x230W SunPower Modules on a Kliplok roof using Schlette Rails. Look forward to it going live on Monday.


8KW Solar Power Cape Town

Rooftop Solar completed the installation of a commercial 8KW Solar Power pilot project in Paarden Eiland just outside of Cape Town this week.  The system contains 24x330W Solar Panels and has reduced the clients average daily demand on the grid by 10%. We look forward to growing the system to 30KW in the coming months.


10KW Solar Power (PV) Wellington

Paid a follow up visit to our 10 kw site out in Wellington. Beautiful to see 32 x 300 Watt Solair Modules  humming away producing an average 70KW / Hours per day.


The client has a 20 room guesthouse and is very pleased that the system is currently producing  43% of their electricity requirement with the payback period projected to be just over three years.