3,6KW Solar Power Noordhoek

Rooftop Solar completed the installation of 3,6KW Solar Power  in Noordhoek just outside of Cape Town on Friday. Used 12 x 300 Watt Tenesol modules.  The system will produce 7200 KW/Hours of electricity a year saving 7.4 tons of CO/2  per annum and reducing the clients total Eskom account by over 80%.



4 thoughts on “3,6KW Solar Power Noordhoek

  1. We are looking at a similar sized system for our home in Kommetjie. Does this installation allow for feed-in or net metering? What were the total costs and estimated time of completion of the project? Could you indicate the type and specs of the components including average lifespan and whether or not a battery storage system was put in place? I am also curious as to the amount of roof space required as well as the power production per day in this area?

    • Hi Sean,

      Thanks for your comment, this system has Tenesol Panels and a 6KW MLT Powerstar II bi directional inverter with 1440 AMP hours of battery. It allows for the grid to kick in when the battery voltage is low, export is currently not supported by the either Eskom or the city. 24 Sq/m of north facing roof space is required for 3,6KW of solar panels. The targeted lifespan for solar equipment is typically 25 Years excluding the batteries. Let me know if you need any further info?

  2. I note that the energy could be exported… is this then a freebie back to eskom or do we get paid for the energy exported into the grid? Please explain more? thanks

    • Hi, at present Eskom does not cater or allow feed in so energy produced is for own use, this has been approved by Nersa and at some point in the future I hope that this will become an option like in so many other countries around the world.

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